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We Are Almost There!
Posted On : January 03, 2016

We Are Almost There!

With lots of hard work we are almost there. We have top of the range equipment from companies such as Rogue and Again Faster. We have decorated, got the flooring down, and the Rig up.

We want to say a big thank you for everyone who has helped us out and supported us through the opening and a big thanks to our sister box, CrossFit Colchester, for the continued support from all the coaches and members.

Our open day is just 1 week away on the 9th of January. We are very excited to show everyone what we have done with the place and to start building our tribe! We want to help people with their goals, from weight loss to competition, becoming better in your chosen sport, or just felling better by doing exercise. Whatever your goal we are going to help you achieve it!

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Great classes with Great coaches who are always there to push you and make sure your technique is spot on. Crossfit is a fantastic way to get fitter, stronger and more flexible! I would recommend Iceni to anyone!  

-Amy Hughes

Crossfit Iceni is in one word AMAZING from the Main workouts and personal training sessions to the atmosphere and the coaches, I just can\'t say where this box needs improving i am the sort of person that goes in and out of different fitness phases and normally after a few weeks I give up but not at Iceni!!! All day I think about training there and seeing the awesome people at the box and testing myself every day! I feel great and better than ever and Crossfit Iceni can take all the credit for that I would recommend this box to everyone I meet. 

-Will Goody

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