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Eating to Gain Muscle. CrossFit Iceni – Colchester
Posted On : November 09, 2016

Eating to Gain Muscle. CrossFit Iceni – Colchester


Can I gain muscle size doing crossfit? This is one of the most frequent questions that I receive in my office and I give always the same answer: if you are persevering in your strength training and have a good diet you will achieve it. No doubt! 


It is more difficult to increase muscle mass without a certain percentage of fat than losing weight. Contrary to what is commonly thought, this is not a question of physiology, but time consuming. That is, results are slower and because of that, people need to be constant in their routine. Besides, it also depends on how fit is the person. Someone beginning to train and just starting to take care of his or her diet might increase in between 0,5 to 1 kgr per month. However, someone who is being training during 2-4 years, this increase might be only from 0,3-0,6 kgr per month. Those athletes very well trained might achieve only in between 0,1-0,3 kgr per month. 


Let’s check the most important point to begin a new diet that help us to increase our muscle size! 


1) Energy way beyond our own needs. 


The most important fact when trying to gain muscle size is increasing the kilocalories beyond our needs, but how much? It should be in between 300-500kcal more than needed. In some cases, the intakes are around 3000 and 5000kcal per day, bearing in mind that this is already a huge intake for just a day. 


2) Proteins

Increasing our muscle size does not mean that we only  need to take care of proteins and eat as much of them as possible. We should achieve a positive balance of protein, which basically means that the synthesis of protein content needs to be beyond its assimilation. After the strength training, the muscle damage is activated and it will also activate the protein synthesis during the hours post-training. Because of this reason, the most important is intaking bolus protein during the entire day, especially before and after the training session in order to have always a positive protein balance. The total ingestion of proteins should oscillate in between 2-2,5 gr per kilogram of our body weight. This is translated into 5 or 6 bolus protein (30-40 gr) during the day, with food or at times helping ourselves with supplements. The type of supplement or food will be different according to the moment of the day. We can use why protein like Progenex Recovery before or after the training because of its fast assimilation and Progenex Cocoon before going to sleep because of its slow assimilation. 


3) Carbohydrates 

During the strength training and because of the high intensity, it is possible that our muscle glycogen storage suffers from a reduction because it is the principal used nutrient. Therefore, the carbohydrates intake will be fundamental to recover muscle glycogen and be able to train in our best shape. The carbohydrates intake might oscillate in between 5-7 gr per kilogram of body weight. However, let’s be cautious with the intake, needing a bigger quantity of carbohydrates does not mean that we can eat all that we want. I recommend the healthy ones such as cereals, legumes, tubers, fruits, natural fruit juices, or dehydrated fruits. 


4) Fats

To conclude, we also need to take care of the amount of fats in order to increase our size muscle. Fats allow us to have a bigger amount of kilocalories with less food. For instance, the avocado, nuts, coconut or olive oil, blue fish and seeds with Omega-3, etc. The quantity of fat that we can intake needs to be the result of deducting carbohydrates calories from the totality of the kilocalories, avoiding being under one gram per body weight kilogram. 

In some cases, the caloric intake is very high and the ingestion of food is elevated as well. Sometimes, intaking this quantity of food is very difficult through food and that is why it is also good to help ourselves with supplements to reach the amount of kilocalories with the needed carbohydrates and proteins. 

So, if your objective is to gain muscle mass, don’t hesitate to start training for that as well as caring for your new diet! 


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Great classes with Great coaches who are always there to push you and make sure your technique is spot on. Crossfit is a fantastic way to get fitter, stronger and more flexible! I would recommend Iceni to anyone!  

-Amy Hughes

Crossfit Iceni is in one word AMAZING from the Main workouts and personal training sessions to the atmosphere and the coaches, I just can\'t say where this box needs improving i am the sort of person that goes in and out of different fitness phases and normally after a few weeks I give up but not at Iceni!!! All day I think about training there and seeing the awesome people at the box and testing myself every day! I feel great and better than ever and Crossfit Iceni can take all the credit for that I would recommend this box to everyone I meet. 

-Will Goody

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