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Cues to improve your squat.
Posted On : August 11, 2016

If you’re serious about improving your squat mechanics and how to squat more weight then you need to watch this video.

There is also a nice accessory exercise at the end. This is used to cue the mechanics with a lighter weight. Also without having to put a heavy bar on your bar. His main cue here is to let the knees come forward keep them forward as you drive up.

main cues to take away are:

1. keeping the weight in the mid foot. toes down. (between to big toes and the heel)
– far too often are people cued to push their weight back on their heels. yes your heel should be in contact with the ground but you this creates a shift in balance which causes you to excessively lean forward if you don’t have good ankle and hip mobility.

2. Look forwards.
– not up. not down. straight ahead. again this helps you stay inline and more upright in the squat.

3. knees come forward over the toes.
– by allowing your knees to track forward and over the toes this always for a more upright body position.

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