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Stress and recovery – CrossFit Iceni
Posted On : April 19, 2018
Stress and recovery – CrossFit Iceni h8cd2ygg-1501513898 No-one bangs on about how much they love stress, that they feel pumped after leaving a bill or work deadline to the last minute. Yet here we are allowing our minds and bodies be …

CrossFit Iceni – Training Block 3
Posted On : April 09, 2018
CrossFit Iceni – Training Block 3 BLOCK 3 22426493_1866618670334523_7860035259868073825_o Attached is the link to the CrossFit Iceni – Training Block 3. Weeks 1-4. The CrossFit Iceni Class program is FREE to everyone. Any questions about the program please drop us a …

CrossFit Iceni Program Block 3 – Week 2 fullsizeoutput_118a BLOCK 3 WEEK 2 CrossFit Iceni Program Block 3 – Week 2…


Great classes with Great coaches who are always there to push you and make sure your technique is spot on. Crossfit is a fantastic way to get fitter, stronger and more flexible! I would recommend Iceni to anyone!  

-Amy Hughes

Crossfit Iceni is in one word AMAZING from the Main workouts and personal training sessions to the atmosphere and the coaches, I just can\'t say where this box needs improving i am the sort of person that goes in and out of different fitness phases and normally after a few weeks I give up but not at Iceni!!! All day I think about training there and seeing the awesome people at the box and testing myself every day! I feel great and better than ever and Crossfit Iceni can take all the credit for that I would recommend this box to everyone I meet. 

-Will Goody

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